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Prodec Networks supplies a range of business-grade switches and routers to thousands of organisations across the UK and beyond. This is achieved by partnering with the world's leading networking vendors, including Cisco, HPE, Dell and Mellanox. Many of the switches and routers available from Prodec Networks can be purchased new or refurbished, providing you with the option that best suits your IT budget and network requirements.

If you're not sure which switch or router is right for you and your business needs, Prodec's networking specialists are always on hand to help. The team will work with you to understand your requirements, budget and long-term goals and will suggest the best solution for you and your business.

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Prodec's leading networking partners

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Routers and switches - A set of Cisco switches and routers

Cisco routers and switches

Prodec Networks is a Cisco Premier partner that specialises in the supply and installation of Cisco networking equipment into existing networks, and the building of a Cisco network from the ground up. Learn more about Prodec’s relationship with Cisco by clicking on the link below.

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Network support

Much more than just an IT reseller, Prodec Networks can also assist with the ongoing support and maintenance of your router and switch estate. With a dedicated 24/7 service desk, break/ fix services, and extremely cost-effective post-warranty support; Prodec can ensure your hardware life cycles are extended past their usual point.

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Network management

Prodec can provide a range of management add-ons that enable you to concentrate on IT projects rather than the “day-to-day" management of a network. Find out how Prodec can help you make the most of your network resources by clicking on the link below.

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