A Prodec Networks Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution delivers mobility and freedom to your end-users.

By consolidating and centralising your desktops by hosting them on a virtual machine as part of your own network, or as part of Prodec cloud, you can reduce costs and streamline management with ease. VDI solutions provide access to a virtual desktop anytime and from anywhere, on any device. 

All companies operate differently due to diverse users and needs, and therefore a one-size-fits-all approach does not always work. Prodec Networks partners with global leaders in desktop virtualisation, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure the best suited virtual desktop for your business.

Benefits of a Prodec Networks Virtual Desktop Infrastructure include:

  • Mobility and flexibility:
    Easily access information through a number of devices as part of your VDI
  • Longer life on hardware:
    Virtual machines do not have movable parts so the life of your hardware will be extended
  • Easy operating system upgrades:
    The upgrade of software can be managed from one central location
  • Image management:
    Easily access images and documents which are stored centrally
  • Instant desktop recovery:
    Should a thin client lose its network or power connection, work will not be lost
  • Reduced downtime:
    If you need to take a server offline for maintenance or upgrades, the desktops being processed by that server will automatically be migrated to another server to ensure business continuity.

Move away from the desk! Set your workforce free with a Prodec Networks Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Get in touch with a Prodec Networks specialist using the contact information below.


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