Prodec Networks’ virtual server solutions are delivered to maximise your storage, network and computing resources.

Prodec works with leading server virtualisation technologies to provide you with the right blend of solutions for your business, helping to reduce operational costs, improve automation and enhance business agility.

Organisations are increasingly turning to virtual servers as a solution to meet growing demands for greater resilience and flexibility. Prodec Networks’ virtualisation experts will work with you to guide you through all storage, network and computer design points that are required to build a cloud infrastructure that meets the requirements of your business.

Benefits of a Prodec Virtual Server solution include:

  • Consolidated and simplified infrastructure
    Use fewer servers to support more virtual machines and accelerate existing storage infrastructure
  • Less power output
    Less servers means less heat output, which means less energy is required to keep your servers cool
  • Faster server provisioning
    Provide system provisioning and deployment at a moment's notice
  • Increased uptime and improve business continuity
    Prodec's server virtualisation platforms offer advanced features not found on physical servers, such as live migration, storage migration, fault tolerance, high availability and distributed resource scheduling
  • Improved disaster recovery
    By consolidating servers down to fewer physical machines, you can create an affordable replication site more easily

Related virtualisation and cloud services include:

Datacentre Services - Prodec Networks provide a secure hosting environment to businesses of all sizes who are searching for reliability, assurance and greater peace of mind in their hosted solutions. 

Managed hosting - Prodec's cloud and hosting services include hosted servers, hosted desktops, SAN devices and firewalls. This is delivered by an expert on-site support team of directly employed UK Prodec engineers who will manage and monitor your servers around the clock.


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