Prodec Networks’ virtual storage solutions integrate data storage devices from different vendors, so they work as one.

It’s now common for many organisations to make the strategic decision to virtualise their servers, and by doing so, they gain greater control over their server environment through consolidation and lower operational costs. Virtualising your storage hardware offers similar benefits, so why not do the same?

Prodec partners with many leading storage virtualisation partners, and can integrate storage devices from multiple vendors so that they work as one functioning system, rather than as siloed units. This maximises IT infrastructure performance, availability and utilisation whilst reducing complexity and preventing downtime.

The operational benefits are obvious, and economically storage virtualisation is equally as appealing. Virtualising your storage delivers massive performance gains at a fraction of the cost of solutions offered by legacy storage hardware vendors.

Prodec Networks works with best of breed storage and virtualisation technologies to deliver the right solution for your business requirements. By removing the complexities of data storage, Prodec can help you to quickly enjoy the many benefits storage virtualisation has to offer.

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