Mobile data connections perfect for remote and temporary sites.

Prodec Networks is an established expert in the provision of Fixed IP Data SIM connectivity solutions, and has teamed up with the UK’s leading mobile operators including O2, Everything Everywhere (EE), Vodafone and Three. Prodec can therefore provide a single SIM solution that roams between multiple operators, ensuring a consistent and reliable service.

Because these SIMs have fixed IP addresses, they can be accessed and managed more effectively than a dynamic IP data SIM. This allows for more granular reporting on data usage on a SIM-by-SIM basis, as well as making access to routers more reliable and simpler to manage.

Fixed IP Data SIMs allow organisations to connect remote workers and multiple sites together, and act as reliable data backup services in the case of downtime. They’re also commonly used as viable methods of providing connectivity, tracking and reporting for on-the-go situations where traditional wireless isn’t possible.

Examples of Fixed IP SIM usage include:

  • Office internet access backup
  • Pop-up shops and construction sites
  • Vehicle tracking and logistics
  • Wireless cash machines
  • CCTV remote access

To find out more about Prodec's Fixed IP Data SIMS and how they can help your business, download the Prodec Networks Fixed IP Data Sim datasheet by clicking on the button below.

Prodec Fixed IP Data Sims

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