Secure and user-friendly wireless connectivity for your valued guests.

Prodec Networks can implement a secure guest wifi network in your organisation that runs on an SSID separate from your main wireless LAN. This will allow customers and clients to access the internet whilst on your premises, without having to grant them access to your main wifi network.

By partnering with leading wireless vendors including Aruba Networks, Aerohive, Cisco Meraki and Cloud4Wi, Prodec offers a range of customisable guest WiFi solutions that address what you are trying to achieve. Prodec will suggest the optimal solution for you by looking at factors such as your budget, objectives and expected traffic.

Whether you are a retailer looking to implement a personalised shop front for digital users, or a business looking to offer wireless access to guests attending meetings or workshops, Prodec Networks can help.

Features of Prodec’s guest wifi solutions include:

Secure and convenient guest access to the internet

By connecting to a separate SSID isolated from your main network, your guest access remains secure and separate from your local network resources. It’s also easy to manage through a cohesive and simple portal.

Customisable access portals

Prodec’s powerful guest networks allow administrators to configure and customise welcome portals in order to create a bespoke environment in line with your brand. These are capable of promoting and expanding your portfolio, whilst improving customer affinity and overall satisfaction.

Improved analytics and data

A guest wireless network from Prodec allows you to collect information about your users and expand your customer database, allowing you to send targeted marketing campaigns and generate tangible opportunities.

Find out more about how Prodec's guest WiFi networks can improve your customer experience. Get in touch with a wireless expert today by using the contact details below.

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