Secure wireless protection that doesn’t compromise on ease-of-use.

Prodec’s wireless security solutions are designed with a mobile workforce in mind, and are built to protect your network from potential threats that arise from the use of mobile devices. With guest wifi access and BYOD adding additional complications when it comes to providing your workforce with secure wifi, it’s important that you select a solution that protects your network without rendering it difficult to use.

Prodec Networks provides organisations with wireless security solutions from leading vendors, including Aruba Clearpass and Fortinet Meru.

Wireless security solutions available from Prodec include:

Wireless Policy Management

Wireless policy management solutions control network access on a role and device level. This means administrators can enforce access based policies and rules based on characteristics such as device type, user role, location, and even the time of day.

Wireless Firewalls

As a common entry point to your network, it’s important that your wireless network traffic is treated the same way as the rest of your network. Next Generation Firewalls from Prodec Networks offer advanced intrusion protection, visibility of applications being used, and real time analytics, so that you can spot a threat before it becomes a problem. Find out more about Prodec’s NGFW solutions here.

Prodec Networks has an experienced team of security professionals and offers a range of security solutions that includes endpoint security, data security and web application security. Learn more about Prodec’s network security solutions here.

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