Bonded 4G and temporary wireless

Portable business-grade wireless connectivity available from almost any location.

Bonded 4G and temporary wireless

Resilient and reliable wireless connectivity when you need it most, wherever you may be

Prodec’s bonded 4G temporary wireless solutions enable organisations to connect to the internet without the requirement for a permanent fixed line. This form of technology is perfect for temporary Wi-Fi requirements such as events, construction sites and the travel industry where it’s either not cost-effective or simply not possible to install a leased line. When combined with technologies such as hosted unified communications, a bonded connection can result in your workforce being online and fully operational in seconds.

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How can Temporary Wi-Fi help your business?

Temporary WiFi - a piece of Continuum technology

Continuum bonded 4G from Prodec Networks

The Continuum bonded wireless solution allows users to deliver connectivity wherever it’s required and offers rapid deployment at fantastic speeds of up to 500Mbps. This temporary Wi-Fi solution is designed as an alternative to when fixed lines can’t be placed or their installation is delayed. It’s suitable as both a short-term and long-term solution, until your fixed connectivity requirements are solved or for the duration of your temporary wireless needs.

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At a glance: Features and benefits of temporary Wi-Fi

Internet access from almost anywhere

Continuum wireless bonded can be deployed from anywhere in the UK with 4G or 3G access.

500Mbps throughput

High internet speeds ensure your business can function even without a permanent line.

Rapid internet deployment

Deployment takes days, not weeks – perfect for when you’re waiting for a fixed line to be installed.

Ruggedised Wi-Fi

Continuum can be utilised outside and in environments such as warehouses, factories and construction sites.

Application prioritisation

Prioritise chosen network applications to ensure clear transmission of data.


Lay additional lines to scale the temporary network in line with your business requirements.

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