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Feature-rich, data-driven, totally secure. Guest wireless for your customers, business benefits for you

Today’s public spaces, retail environments and hospitality venues are changing. Your mobile-first guests have grown to expect Wi-Fi as part of the service, and are willing to share information to use it. By implementing a secure guest wireless network, you are able to gather crucial data about your guests, improve engagement through personalisation, increase revenue, and improve the overall customer experience of your establishment. 

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With a Prodec guest wireless solution, your business can:

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Provide consistent high quality Wi-Fi without drops in service

Gone are the days of super-slow, intermittent connectivity on guest networks. Prodec’s guest wireless networks use the best in modern wireless equipment and planning to ensure your guest Wi-Fi is cost-effective, reliable, manageable and secure.

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Personalise the visitor experience

Prodec’s guest wireless platforms allow you to compile visibility, device and traffic data into comprehensive reports that allow you to personalise your strategy and shape your customer-facing spaces. Personalised mobile applications can be utilised to improve analysis while providing your customers with easy access to the information they require.

Guest wireless - Customer shopping using her mobile device

Location, location, location

Integrating data acquisition technology into your guest wireless can provide your customers with many great benefits. Some of these services include wayfinding, the ability to order food or drink from anywhere, and receive push notifications based on their location. Conspicuous wireless beacons can be installed across your premises to provide you with location analytics, so that you can understand user behaviour and identify areas of high footfall.

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Prodec's featured guest wireless partners

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HPE Aruba

HPE Aruba combines the best in wireless equipment, bespoke application development and user analytics.

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Cisco Meraki

Meraki’s guest wireless and location capabilities are integrated as part of their wider cloud-managed platforms.

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What's more important on your guest Wi-Fi

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Convenience or security?

Traditionally, guest Wi-Fi has one of two major problems. It’s either not very secure and extremely easy to access, or offers some security, but is very difficult for your guests to connect to…

Why not provide the best of both?

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