Location services and wireless beacons

Stay connected with your portable assets and increase engagement with your mobile customers.

Location services and wireless beacons

Drive revenue with location-based insight across your wireless network

When implemented and managed appropriately, wireless beacons and location services can deliver much more than just a connection to your network. Location-based analytics allow you to understand how your users and visitors utilise your wireless network, allowing you to create data-driven decisions that can drive new revenue. Using the data generated from a location analytics platform such as those offered by Cisco Meraki and HPE Aruba you can shape your business plan to increase engagement with your customers, improve your relationship, and keep them coming back.

Location services can also be utilised to better understand high footfall areas and busy times. This ensures your networks are optimised and guarantees a stable user experience with access to your resources no matter how many portable devices are connected to your network.

Bring your business to life with location services

Gain competitive edge with Wi-Fi driven, real-time analytics, contextual marketing, and a personalised customer experiences.

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Building and managing your location-based wireless infrastructure

Location services and wireless beacons - Customer receiving push notifications due to wireless beacons

Intelligent access points and bluetooth beacons

Location-enabled wireless access points gather location data that can help to drive business decisions and increase customer loyalty. Low-cost Bluetooth BLE beacons and asset tags allow direct engagement with customer smartphones by powering indoor location and wayfinding, as well as enabling proximity-aware push notifications.

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Location services and wireless beacons - A laptop displaying GUI dashboard

Wireless management platforms

Access to your location data needs to be quick and easy so that you can make the most of your investment. Prodec partners with leading wireless technology providers to offer simple-to-use GUI dashboards that can be viewed and analysed clearly..

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Location services and wireless beacons - Customer using her mobile phone to receive push notifications

Visibility and anaytics

Location analytics can be cross-referenced with device and user data to paint a detailed picture of how your network is accessed. Detailed visibility of your network allows you to understand the types of traffic, applications and devices accessing your network so that you can shape your access and usage policies accordingly.

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Featured wireless location solutions:

Location services and wireless beacons - Cisco Merkai's location tool interface

Cisco Meraki location services

Integrated into access points, Cisco Meraki’s location tools integrate with the rest of your network management tools for quick and easy analysis.

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Location services and wireless beacons - HPE Aruba's location service interface

HPE Aruba location services

HPE Aruba combines wireless Bluetooth beacons with intelligent application integration to enhance engagement with your customers.

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