Providing a single point of contact for all global commercial projects.

Prodec Networks has a global IT infrastructure and a strong partner network dedicated to supplying first-class IT services to businesses of any type and size around the world. This means organisations only need to partner with one company, even when operating in multiple locations across the world.

With true global capabilities, Prodec’s international engineering and support services are accessible within any country across the world, except for exclusion zones or areas that have sanctions or similar restrictions that prevent trade.

If you’re a multinational company looking to undertake engineering work abroad, or are looking for international support capabilities, Prodec Networks can help. The UK maintenance market is extremely mature in terms of delivery when compared to the rest of the world. Prodec operates with UK values regardless of the location across the world, and boasts excellent service delivery, rapid response, and high-quality outcomes, no matter the location.

Why Prodec Networks?

  • True global capability
  • Understanding and experience of local supply chains, cultures and business practises
  • Guaranteed high levels of engineer competence of IT staff at all global sites, offering peace of mind and great service
  • “Next flight out” services
  • Alleviated need to source and contract expensive local engineers

Global Engineering services include:

Cisco International Support

Prodec Networks can provide support from a number of vendors, but specialises in Cisco. The range of Cisco services includes global Smartnet support and Cisco PSS/Tac support across Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Prodec can assist with replacements, break/fix, or project work, and can also provide end-of-life hardware when required. Find out more about Prodec and Cisco here.

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